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Cristobal says thanks for cheap calls to Spain

I was always quite a social person back in Spain. I used to meet up with my friends on a daily basis and have family time with my parents during the weekends. 

When I moved to the UK, to do a PhD in Computer Architecture, I had found it to be a huge shock to my system. Not only was I away from all my friends and family but I was in a completely new country where I didn’t know anyone! 

I was quite lonely for a while, as I couldn’t afford calling home because I had not found any company that offered cheap call rates to Spain. I had to think of something because this sudden change of environment was starting to frustrate me. 

I only talked to my parents through e-mail and that was a nightmare because they are quite traditional people and don't really understand computers. So you can imagine the issues I ran in to when I suggested using VOIP.  Initially everything had gone really well, I had set up their account and managed to get it set up on the system they were using. But the success stopped when I tried to explain how they had to use the software. I can’t tell you how many times I accepted a call from my parents and heard nothing because they didn't know how to use the microphone. It was also pretty hard for them to find some time to sit down at a PC and make a VOIP call. My mother loves to cook whilst chatting and so she can couldn’t really use a computer and cook at the same time!

I was starting to get desperate at this point, I tried to suggest for them to call me from Spain but I soon found out that this was more expensive than me calling from the UK! 

After many late nights, and coffees, I thought I had found the perfect solution to my problem. There was an online company who specialised in international calling plans and so I thought to give them a try. What I didn’t realise is the fine print in the terms and conditions which meant that I would be charged at an increased rate if I went over a certain amount of time. After a month of using their system I received a bill for over £60! I couldn’t believe that the company charged me this much for only 10 hours over the month! 

After my huge phone bill arrived, I quickly went to online forums to see if anyone else had the same issues as me. There was one user on a particular forum that I had talked to who referred me to Call2Call. I was quite cautious this time because of my previous experience.  The first major improvement I noticed was that after a month I had only been charged £6! 

I was so happy to have finally found a company whose service let me stay in touch with friends and family for an amazingly low rate! I would definitely recommend Call2Call to anyone, especially students like me who have moved out of their home country and need a cheap and reliable solution. Thank you!

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