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Cheap calls to Brazil Mobile! Only 1.5p per minute.

If you have a relative or friend in Brazil and you need to call them then do not fear. Call2Call has recently cut their prices to call mobiles so you can now call a loved on on their cell phone for 1.5p per minute!

How to use our straightforward service:

For customers using landlines:

For anyone who is using a landline you just need to follow these steps:

    Dial 0844 303 0707 - charged at 1.5p per minute from a BT landline

    Once connected to our service, dial the number you wish to call making sure to include the country code 00 55

    Enjoy the call! That really is all it takes to setup your cheap call to Brazil.


Procedure for customers using a mobile:

    You must first text CHAT to 87887 to buy a £5 calling card

    You will receive a PIN number for your card this access number; 0121 261 0808

    Dial the access number for the price of a UK call (free if you have inclusive minutes) and type in your PIN when asked to do so

    Dial the mobile in Brazil for the cheap rate of 2p per minute, remembering to include the country code 00 55


Follow these easy steps for cheap calls to Brazilian mobiles from your mobile phone. To find out more about these offers please click here.

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