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Keeping in touch with my family with help from Call2Call

I have been living in the UK for 16 years; I originally came to the UK from Pakistan to pursue a career in engineering, but found it difficult to keep in touch with my family back home. 

In fact it was almost impossible to make a cheap call to Pakistan for the first ten years simply because there were few cheap call services. I remember the going rate to call home to Pakistan was around 30p per minute!

Not being in touch with my family was very upsetting for me, so you can imagine that during those early years things were very expensive for me, and my wallet was being drained faster and faster.

When I did find companies who were offering cheap calls to Pakistan, there was always a catch. Usually, over time, these companies started increasing their prices and introduced new rules into their systems that always meant higher call charges, and I was once again without a cost effective solution. 

Unfortunately there were many issues with my extended family back home, so I had no choice but use expensive call services, leading to very high phone bills month after month.  

I was continually searching for cheap calls to Pakistan and eventually found Call2Call whilst searching on the internet for cheap international calls. I admit that after my previous experience with a similar company, I was a little dubious about trying out another one. However I can happily say that dealing with Call2Call was so much easier and the biggest difference that I have noticed is the call quality is far superior to anything I have ever used. 

I was able to talk with my relatives and save money at the same time. It was especially good for my wife and as she could talk to her family back home (especially her sisters) without worrying about the bill!

My overall experience with Call2Call was so good that I now spread the word about them to my friends in the UK who are in a similar position to me. I am constantly referring everyone I know to this amazing service!

So if you need cheap calls, especially to Pakistan, then you should really start using Call2Call.

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