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Need cheap calls to the Netherlands? You’re in luck as our prices are cut to less than 1p per minute!


It is that time of year again where everyone is feeling the post-christmas pinch and so we have slashed our prices to make sure that you can make cheap calls to dutch landlines for 0.5p a minute and dutch mobiles for 2p per minute!!

Making calls from a landline?

You need only dial these access numbers,  0844 605 0707 for landlines in Holland and 0844 799 0707 for mobiles, and we will connect you straight away to our amazing service. These access numbers cost just 1p per minute and 2p per minute respectively from you BT phone (other networks rates may vary).  There is no pre-payment, no registration and no credit card needed! After you hear our welcome message, dial the number you want to call in the Netherlands and make sure to include the dutch country code - 00 880. It really is that simple!

Making a call from your Mobile?

The process is as just as simple for mobile users. First off, text CHAT to 87887 and this will buy you a £5 international calling card, which can be used for any country, not just the Netherlands. You will receive a unique PIN number and an access number, 0121 261 0808, which is treated as a UK landline by your mobile phone provider; so free to call for those of you with inclusive minutes! Use this access number to dial landlines to the Netherlands for 0.5p a minute and mobiles for a great price of 3p per minute.

International calls from you mobile for under a penny? That's an incredible bargain! 

Make sure to find out more information about our cheap calls to the Netherlands here.

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