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How cheap international calls are vital for students studying in London

During your time at university, it is fair to say that you do not have much time for anything apart from studying and partying. The biggest problem for me was trying not to break the bank whilst making sure to keep everyone I knew happy.

Since I am from the USA, I found it quite difficult to keep in contact with my family because the call rates were so high, and as a university student I had to save money where I could.

I was homesick, thinking about family and friends back home, but realised that I could not easily afford to keep in touch on my meagre stipend. I kept on thinking that there must be a cheaper service out there than a standard BT line, which was charging me an excessive 19.3p per minute!

To a lot of people, that may not be that much, but to a poor student like me, it was way, way too much. A few calls a month to family and friends put a severe dent into my “cultural things to do in London” (beer) budget. Something had to be done urgently.

I quickly found that there are hundreds of websites out there which are offering “cheap international calls“, however when you look at the fine print you tend to notice hidden charges which drive the price up higher than a standard BT line!

After ages searching the web I found Call2Call’s website. Initially I was wary as their offer seemed too good to be true. I decided to give them a go and made a few calls to the US, quickly realising just how good the service was.

Soon I was calling everyone I knew, friends and family back home in the US, as well as people I know in Canada, Australia and other places around the world. This was the perfect solution for me whereby I could make cheap international calls and still be able to afford what I needed to buy.

I guess that I am just very pleased with the service provided by Call2Call. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who desperately needs to make cheap international calls to loved ones or friends at a very cheap rate.

The best bit is that you do not have to sacrifice call quality when paying lower rates. You can also make calls from your mobile which are charged at an equally low rate!

I want to personally thank Call2Call for saving me a ton of cash.

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