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Cheap Calls to Australia Mobile 4p dial 0844 909 0707


When you want to call Australia from the UK, you are presented with so many options that it can be very confusing. At Call2Call we like to keep things simple and so we present for you two ways of making cheap calls to Australia, one for landline users and one for mobile phone customers.


Call this access number, 0844 605 0707, and when you hear the nice ladies voice, dial your landline in Australia (including the Australia country code 0061) and wait to be connected. You only pay your service provider for the cost of calling the access number, there is no further charge for the international leg of the call. From a BT line this is an amazing 1p per minute! If you want to call a mobile phone in Australia use this access number instead, 0844 909 0707. This costs an incredible 4p per minute from a BT line.*


Text CHAT to 87887 to purchase a £5 calling credit voucher. The cost of this will be added to your next monthly bill or taken from your credit if you are on pay as you go. We will send confirmation of this purchase back to your phone by text, including your unique PIN number and this access number, 0121 261 0808. Dial this access number (which will be part of inclusive minutes if you have any, or cost you the same as a local UK call) and when asked, enter your PIN number. You can then dial the landline or mobile phone number you want in Australia (again include the Australia country code 0061) for the incredibly cheap price of 1p - landlines and 4p - mobiles. This cost is taken out of your pre-paid credit voucher.

Two easy ways to make cheap international calls to Australia from your number 1 cheap calls provider!

Full details of our offers to Australia can be found here.

*Calls from other service providers may vary so please check with them before calling trovare.

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