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Use Call2Call and BT SmartTalk for free international calls!

OK, not quite free international calls, your parents pay, but they may as well be!

BT have come up with a genius idea for smartphones with their SmartTalk App. If you have access to Wi-Fi or 3G on your phone, you can tap into your parent’s BT calling plan from anywhere, including abroad, and the cost of the call goes to their landline instead of using your precious mobile credit! (Using the service over 3G does use part of your data allowance though).

If you download the SmartTalk App you can make unexpectedly large mobile bills a thing of the past! It’s so simple to use and there will be no excuse not to phone home and tell your family how you are getting on (a good selling point to help persuade reluctant parents to register you).

SmartTalk will tie your smartphone to your parent's landline account, saving you oodles of money when calling mobiles and landlines. If your parent’s have a talk plan with free evening and weekend calls, you do to! If they mention the costs of calling mobiles (never free with BT) then show them the Call2Call access numbers on this page, that allow anyone to call a UK mobile phone for only 2p a minute from a BT phone!

The Call2Call access numbers will let you make international calls from your smartphone for a fraction of the cost when using SmartTalk. India, the USA and most of Europe for 1p per minute, try finding a mobile talk plan with prices that low!

You can use the SmartTalk app anywhere you get access to Wi-Fi, or a good 3G connection. Up to 5 smartphones can access the same BT calling plan. Good for the whole family!

Travelling on your gap year? Phone home for free. Keep mum happy.

We know you’re safe. You know you’re safe. But your mum undoubtedly needs to know that you’re safe while having fun on the other side of the world. Using the Wi-Fi connection in your digs (don’t use 3G as you may pay the earth for doing so abroad) to call mum and dad back home! Use it in conjunction with Call2Call’s cheap access number to make calls from your mobile whilst you are abroad without racking up huge roaming charges!

Important things to remember...

Register SmartTalk with your parent's landline.
Once you have downloaded the SmartTalk app, link it to your existing landline at your parent’s home. Then you can make cheaper calls on their phone bill using Call2call access numbers.

Use it to call your friends.
Do you have Wi-Fi in your student halls? Have you run out of credit on your phone? Connect to your parent’s line and call away! Even if you have minutes left on your phone, save them as so cheap to use SmartTalk and save your mobile minutes for those times you have no Wi-Fi.

Mum and Dad won't see what or who you've called.
Spent too many evenings calling for takeaway pizza? Not sure that you want your parents to see who you have been calling? If you use the Call2Call service to make calls via SmartTalk the only numbers that will come up on the their phone bill will be the Call2call access numbers, so your calling list will be anonymous.

Use it for cheap international calls.
Calling abroad is cheap too, using Call2Call’s cheap access numbers. If you are calling friends who are travelling before you and want to get some info before you embark on a trip, you can do the same for overseas calls. Connect to Wi-Fi, using the access numbers and it’s easy!

Use SmartTalk abroad.
If you’re the one overseas, you can make calls back home to people in England in the same way, use the Call2Call access numbers. Just make sure you have access to Wi-Fi - if you only have 3G you might get stung for roaming charges...

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