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Be smart. Essential free apps for students from Call2Call.

Life is costly enough without having to pay for expensive apps for your smartphone. Here are Call2call’s top five free apps for students.

Yes, it’s time to go and get some home-cooked food. Booking a train ticket has got easier, and cheaper with this excellent service. specialises in saving customers cash, so have this app handy and get going.

If you are rocking an Apple or an Android, click through here.

Draw Something

Pen and paper? Objects of the past. This addictive game of Pictionary on your phone lets you draw on-screen clues for your contacts or strangers. Collect coins to gain more painting colours for you budding Picassos.

If you’re an iPhone preacher have a look at it here. Or maybe Android is more your thing, check it here.


Shopping just got easier – no need to trawl the shops looking for bargains. Just scan the barcode of the product and search using RedLaser to find the outlet selling it at the cheapest price. Simple!

Take a look at the app and download here.

Exam Countdown

No-one needs reminding that their exams are looming, but you might as well take advantage of this app. Store all your exam dates and you’ll receive a handy countdown clock so you can sort your revision schedules. Now get your nose in a book.

To stop worrying about your exams, click here.

Temple Run

Everyone needs some downtime. What better way to spend it than playing something even more addictive than Angry Birds? Feel like Indiana Jones running from scary creatures and dodging watery graves surrounding vast temples. You’ll be hooked.

Fancy a distraction in lectures (we don’t condone it)? Click here.

Temple Run

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