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Call2Call’s top five student gap year destinations.

If you’re thinking about taking a year out from your studies, good on you. But how do you decide where to go to chill out and party? Or as you’ve told your parents, visit museums and understand different cultures. Well, here are Call2Call’s top five student gap year destinations for you to consider.

South Africa.

If you’ve got a bit of a wild side, this one’s for you. Hop on an ostrich or jump off the world’s highest bungee jump, you’ll discover non-stop action, a fabulous social life and amazing wildlife.


Are you on a budget and open-minded? Then get your Rupees ordered. Accommodation, travel and food are all cheap. Plus, there’s plenty of scope to work with the locals teaching English or doing aid work.


Perfect for the fashion conscious. You’ll find high-end clothing brands at cheap prices. But that’s not all. There’s a fantastic club scene, unique customs and best of all – the Japanese love meeting foreigners.


Want to top up you tan? The tropical climate, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters make this the perfect destination if you want to relax. But if you’re always in a hurry, don’t rush here.

New Zealand.

If you like the great outdoors and variety, this is the country for you. You can wake up on the beach, walk on a glacier in the afternoon and sit on top of a volcano in the evening. It’s the adventure-holiday capital of the world.

This is just an overview of Call2call’s top five amazing student gap year destinations. In the next blog posts, Call2Call will be looking at each country in more detail, so you can make sure you pick the right one for your gap year.

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